I’m a composer, producer, guitarist, and sound designer.

I am a member of the acclaimed New York band Luna, who have released seven studio albums, several EPs, and a live album during our career. Rolling Stone magazine described Luna’s “Penthouse” as one of the “essential albums of the 90’s”, and Musician magazine’s review remarked “this is an album that merits listening from beginning to end, top to bottom, over and over”. My guitar playing has been described as “so luxurious it’s practically decadent” (Nylon), “amazing, echo-plexed, atmospheric” (NewBeats) and Rolling Stone’s Joe Levy said “Luna’s guitar players shine in live performance, where Sean Eden heads for the rafters.”

As a member of Luna I composed music for the scores of the feature films “Sideways” (Fox Searchlight), “Mr. Jealousy” (Castleberg/Lions Gate) and “Thursday” (Propaganda Films/Gramercy Pictures). I’ve also composed and produced music for several commercials, including the Amex Blue ad campaign, Levi’s, Volvo, Ace Hardware, and Krispy Kreme, as well as music for programs on NBC, PBS, AMC and the Oxygen Channel. Other credits include the score for the Emmy-nominated documentary film “Not Yet Begun To Fight” and the horror feature “Hypothermia”, music in the film “Paper Man” (starring Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone) as well as interactive sound design and music for Yahoo, UNICEF, Procter and Gamble, G.E., Vote Smart, and MSNBC.

Currently my work encompasses:

  • Music composition and production for film, television, and the internet.
  • Sound design and music for web interactive and video games.
  • Guitarist, composer and producer for various album projects.
  • Audio post production and mixing for film.
  • Actor and voice-over artist for film/tv/commercials, video games, and audiobooks.

I am currently recording my own full-length album, and I also play in the bands Night People, Gramercy Arms, Elk City and The CFR.