MP3s & Samples


Below are various songs and instrumentals I’ve composed and performed for albums, film, and television. I change some of the content here every few weeks.

Still at Home – from the Luna album Rendezvous

Quadrangle – a new piece of music

Heavy Metal Love (edit) – This is an unconventional cover of a song by Helix, an 80’s hair metal band. The track is by LaBooze, of which I am one half. I produced this track and played all the instruments and did the programming for it. It has appeared on two different compilation albums over the last couple of years.

Broken Chair – from the Luna album Rendezvous

Atmospheric Compilation 2– this is a short compilation of some atmospheric/experimental music I’ve done for a few films

Spanish Odyssey – written for “Tell Me Do You MIss Me”, the Luna documentary directed
by Matthew Buzzell

Hot Donuts – written for a Krispy Kreme television commercial

Under the Lights – written for the short film “Shoegazer”, directed by Amy Adrion

Guitars_1 – a short compilation of some guitar solos and textures